Baby Proof The Home

Murphy's Law

Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong

Have you heard of Murphy’s Law?

It is a popular adage that states that “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”

When you have a little one please keep Murphy’s Law at the forefront of your mind!

Our precious little ones could be described as being somewhat risk-averse or risk unaware. May they are risk seekers? I’ve lost count of the number of times my little one has tried to fling themselves off the sofa and bed.

Try not to be as vigilant as possible and risk assess rooms and activities with ‘whatever can go wrong, will go wrong’ in mind.

To help you be a step or two ahead, try the following.

  • Ask yourself, is it safe to be carrying them
  • Don’t multi-task with the little one in your arms (especially in the kitchen)
  • Place the little one in the high chair if you need to be in the kitchen.
  • Put the smartphone away
  • Don’t assume, check!
  • Use the below to baby proof your home.

Items to Baby Proof the Home

Baby proof the home
Our little ones love to explore!

Some key items to help keep your home safe for the little one.

Baby Stair Gate

Fire Place Safety Gate

Fire Alarm

CO2 Alarm

If there is an accident, you’ll need a first aid kit.

Some items to help keep doors and draws securely closed, and protect against bumps:

Use an Amazon Echo to help with reminders.

“Alexa, remind me in ten minutes that the stew should be ready.”

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