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By law, children must use a child car seat until they’re 12 years old or 135 centimetres tall, whichever comes first. Children over 12 or more than 135cm must use a seat belt.

Car seats cater for different age groups. This article will focus on car seats for newborns which is a Group 0+ car seat. These seats tend to be able to be used up until the until 12 to 15 months old, with a maximum child weight of 13kg. Some chairs will cater for older babies to Group 2 (generally up to six years of age).

Before giving my top buy car seats I will provide some overview of some terms you will come across.

What’s an i-Size seat?

An the i-Size seat meets updated European-wide car seat regulation that aims to make car seats safer by keeping children rear facing for longer (until they’re at least 15-months-old), as well as improving safety features by introducing side impact testing standards. You will not be breaking the law if you do not use an iThe i-Size seats are steadily replacing all old-style ones. These are positive changes for the safety of your little one.


An ISOfix base connects to an ISOfix an anchor fitting at the bottom of a rear seat in your car and your baby seat connects to the ISOfix base. This makes for an extremely secure car seat and means you do not need to use the car seatbelt to secure the seat – thus avoiding securing the seat incorrectly which can happen with belted seats. Car prior to 2006 will not have ISOfix.

Travel System

Many car seat brands can be used with a pushchair. Instead of taking your baby out of the car seat to put into a pram, you can attach the car seat to the pushchair chassis. On a health and safety point, it is advised to avoid you child being in the car seat for pro-longed periods of time with two hours at a time being the maximum time.

Avoid used car seats

Avoid buying or using a used car seat as you do not know the history of the seat. Also, it may be an older model which is not as safe as the newer seat, and doesn’t meet i-Size regulation. I also wanted a new seat as I would want to know it is super clean for my vulnerable little one.

Recommended car seats for newborns

I have chosen car seats which provide ISOfix, have excellent reviews and ratings, and most of all, are as safe for your little one. I have ordered alphabetically and all costs are shown with the base. All of the below car seats are classed as 0+ suitable for newborns up until approximately 12 months.

Britax Römer Baby-Safe Plus II

Usual price: £345
Weight: 6.3kg

A great offer available here for under £250 available here

Cybex Aton M i-Size

Usual price: £365
From birth up to approx. 18 months
Weight: 4.2kg

Car seat can be bought here for £187

Base available here for £169.99

Joie i-Gemm

Usual price: £225
Weight: 4.9kg

Kiddy Evo-Luna i-Size

Usual price: £409
Weight: 4.9kg

Good offer sold for £379 here

Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus

Usual price: £349
Weight: 4.5kg

Car seat available here for £169.99
Base available here for £126.99
A combined cost under £300

Silver Cross Simplicity

Usual price: £280
Weight: 4kg

Buy here for £259

Stokke BeSafe Izi Go Modular i-Size

Usual price: £329
Weight: 4.4kg

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