Best Buy Baby Slings and Carriers

Be hands free and keep your little one safely close to you. This blog looks into my suggested baby carriers and baby slings.

Like Daniel Craig, I have used a baby sling when out and about. It was particularly useful to have the little one strapped to my chest when I was taking the dog for a walk and my partner wanted some rest bite. 

My partner uses the baby sling around the house because our little one likes to be held. Without the sling, my partner wouldn’t get some of teh simplist of tasks completed. 

We bought a Caboo sling for £65 which was already tied and can be tightened easily. I found it was supportive and I liked that I could put it over the little one’s head for support. 

Although my partner found it easy to put on, once we watched a YouTube video on it, I was paranoid I’d get it wrong so would make sure my partner lent a hand. 

Material slings are great to use with newborns but have a shorter shelf life. Baby carriers (the one’s that look like they are from the rucksack family) can be used from newborns to a higher age. They will offer better support with a heavier baby and can be used in a number of positions with the baby.

Top sling and carrier choices

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One | £139.99

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Air | £159

Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier | £79.99

Caboo Lite | £54.99

Caboo +Cotton |£64.99

Cybex Maira Click | £105

Ergobaby Omni 360 | £125

i-angel Hipseat Carriers | £89.99

Infantino Upscale Customizable Baby Carrier | £49.99

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