5 Most Stylish Pram & Pushchair Brands

In this blog, I offer you a selection of the most stylish pushchairs offered by the top 5 brands which offer a premium option for you and your little one.

1. Bugaboo

Bugaboo is a Dutch design company which offers a sleek, stylish and well-made range of baby prams and pushchairs.

Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus

The Bugaboo Cameleon is the original of the Bugaboo range, with the Cameleon 3 Plus being their most recent edition.

The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 is an attractive pushchair and pram. To make it a pram, just add the carrycot (bassinet). There is a decent range of colours to choose from, and varying hoods suitable for winter and summer use.

The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 boasts a range of innovative features, including reversible handlebars (useful in tight situations) and a seat frame that transitions from bassinet to seat.

The bassinet and seat are separate and attach to the frame. This does cause a disadvantage in that the Cameleon does not collapse as one unit (two separate units when collapsed). You can choose an aluminium frame or a black frame. The black frame is slightly more expensive.

Bugaboo Fox

The Bugaboo Fox is the newest of the pushchair and pram range. At first glance, the Fox could be mistaken for the Cameleon. It has all the positive attributes of the Bugaboo Cameleon with some key differences.

The biggest improvement is the pushchair can fold as one unit. There is improved suspension and larger wheels which are ideal for the ramblers amongst you. The Bugaboo Fox holds a little one up to 48.5lbs (22kg) which is higher than the Cameleon, holding a child up to 37.5lbs (17kg).

An added feature of the Bugaboo Fox provides a convenient Bugaboo travel system. The Bugaboo Turtle car seat attaches to the Fox without the need for adapters.

Bugaboo Bee 5

Image: Amazon

The Bugaboo Bee pushchair is compact and is ideal for the city environment. This pushchair boasts smooth steering and four-wheel suspension. The pushchair easily folds down into one piece.

To add to the flexibility, it offers a reversible, extendable and reclinable comfort seat that can face the parent or face away. The Bee can be used for newborns by purchasing a carrycot (bassinet) or baby cacoon.

Bugaboo Ant

Bugaboo Ant
Image: Amazon

This light and compact pushchair built for those who are travelling with a little one. The Bugaboo Ant is small enough when folded to be placed in the overhead compartment in a plane! Read more here.

2. iCandy

Candy is a British family business that dates back to the early 1930s. The iCandy range was specifically developed for the parent who is looking for eye-catching pushchair/pram.

iCandy Peach

The iCandy Peach has a distinct look thanks to the chrome frame and features. The Peach provides a pushchair and pram option from newborn to a child weighing up to 25kg. I recommend it is bought with the carrycot (bassinet). It is a great pushchair with an innovative solution for transporting two youngsters.

The pushchair provides a smooth ride for the little one. It can be folded to a compact size. The seat has a high head clearance which is perfect for the taller youngster.

iCandy Orange

The iCandy Orange blends style with ultimate flexibility and practicality. The Orange boasts the all-new cinema seating, unique to the iCandy brand, the cinema seating means you can retain eye contact with your little one in parent facing mode while using the all new risers, increasing interaction and aiding development.

IThe iCandy Orange provides more options for a growing family. Parents can future proof the pushchair/pram. It converts from a single to a double. There is an integrated ride on board which means older children are able to interact with their younger siblings.

iCandy Raspberry

iCandy Raspberry
Image: John Lewis & Partners

The lightweight (6.6kg) and streamlined iCandy Raspberry provide an excellent pushchair option for city dwellings.

This pushchair is suitable from birth onwards with the lie-flat seat unit. The optional use of the Raspberry Universal Carrycot will provide further security and safety for a newborn.

3. Babyzen

Babyzen was founded by a group of five forward-thinking French individuals whose main objective was to push the boundaries of innovation and design for pushchairs. Being optimised for limited and occasionally confined spaces, including public transport and aeroplanes, the collection combines functionality and great design.

Babyzen YOYO+ Pushchair

Image: John Lewis & Partners

It was in 2013 when Babyzen launched their most compact and ergonomic pushchair – the YOYO. The YOYO+ is lightweight at 6.2kg and boasts an effective foldable design that can fit into an aircraft overhead locker. It can be used from birth a Babyzen YOYO+ Newborn Pack needs to be purchased. The YOYO+ is ideal for the urban parent.

4. Silver Cross

Silver Cross is one of the oldest nursery brands in the world, famous for its collection of contemporary, stylish prams and pushchairs.

Silver Cross Wave Pushchair and Carrycot

Image: John Lewis & Partners

The Silver Cross Wave provides a sturdy well-built and contemporary pushchair/pram. The quality of build comes at a cost in added weight: 11kg. It is a pushchair for the growing family to consider. The innovative One plus One® system transforms the Wave from a single travel system to a double without the need for an extra purchase.

Silver Cross Balmoral Pram

Image: John Lewis & Partners

Take a step back in time and stand out with the exquisite Balmoral from Silver Cross.

5. Joolz

Joolz is a brand offering stylish pushchairs with an ergonomic design.

Joolz Day 3 Pushchair & Pram

This is a sleek and unique looking pushchair/pram combo that can be used from birth to toddler age. It has a quick fold action which is compact and is on the heavier side at 11kg.

Joolz Geo2 Mono Pushchair with Carrycot

Perfectly practical and stylish, the Joolz Geo2 is designed for adventure with your little one. From birth, a newborn is kept snug and protected in the carrycot which is in a new higher position. The seat is ergonomic for toddlers and it also converts nicely to carry two children.

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