Probably The Best Thing I Have Bought For My Baby

There are some worthwhile and needed purchases we have made to date such as a pushchair, car seat, cot, changing table, night light and more.

But, probably the best thing I have bought for my baby on the none essential side is a Jumperoo by Fisher-Price. It has now become an essential part of our daily routine.

A few weeks ago, our little one at 5 months of age was escaping the boundaries of her play mat. Within a few minutes, she would be on the hard floor, under the footstool or part way beneath the sofa. She also liked to be standing with assistance from mum or dad.

We therefore decided that we needed to find something to allow us to have some hands free time, and not be worried about taking our eyes off the little one.

With a bit of the research, I concluded the Jumperoo was what we needed to buy. No probably about it!

What’s a Jumperoo?

A Jumperoo is many things in one:

Standing support – with support being provided by the hanging seat and a central play console surrounding the baby.

A seat – hanging from the central console so baby can stand or sit.

A bouncer – supported by three sturdy arms and covered springs well out of reach.

A play station – things to pull, move, make sounds and music.

The Jumperoo can be adjusted to varying heights so you can raise the seat and play console as your little one grows. So, you will get decent usage out of it. Getting good use out of it makes the higher price of the Fisherprice Jumperoo more palatable.

Why is it so good?

Our little one loves her Jumperoo.

It provides our baby with involved activity to stimulate her mind.

It gives her a great workout, strengthening her developing legs.

It also provides her with some independence: she can choose the toys to play with, whether there is music playing, and can choose if she wants to bounce or not.

The Jumperoo provides us with some hands-free time, in the safe knowledge, if we take our eyes of our baby for a minute, she will still be where we had left her! We get on average between 20-30 minutes per go before our little one has had enough.

It has so many great features but my only issue is that it takes up more space than I initially expected it to (W90cm x L90cm). We have placed ours in the bay window of the living room. If space is an issue you may want to look at the Fisher-Price Colourful Carnival SpaceSaver Jumperoo.

Also, expect a bit of noise from the music, rattle and jumping (ours is on laminate flooring), but it’s worth it!

Where can I get one?

At the time of writing, the best deals for the Jumperoo are:

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